BESI Overseas, established in 2018, has been dedicated to the development and placement of human resources overseas through comprehensive training or non-training programs. With a global network and a range of related services, BESI Overseas has quickly emerged as a leading player in the field. Over the years, the company has successfully facilitated the placement of skilled and non-skilled manpower and sponsor visa from Bangladesh in various overseas destinations like Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Oman, and many more countries all over the world thus providing an alternative source of foreign exchange income. We Supply approximately 5000 plus workers all over the world.

BESI Overseas‘s commitment lies in delivering the best possible services to our valued customers. Our team of creative and dedicated professionals, working closely with highly trained staff, has shaped Jobscout into an exemplary organization. Through innovative and professional approaches, we have effectively navigated the ever-changing world of business, ensuring the company’s continued success.

Our expertise in overseas human resources skills and non-skilled manpower supply has been instrumental in meeting the demands of diverse industries. By identifying and nurturing talent, we have successfully contributed to the development of human resources, further strengthening the global workforce. BESI Overseas’s comprehensive training programs and meticulous selection process ensure that our candidates possess the necessary skills and qualifications to excel in their respective roles overseas.

With a strong belief in our ability to make a difference, BESI Overseas remains committed to driving the development and placement of human resources worldwide. We are confident that our continued dedication and professional approach will enable us to contribute even further to the growth and prosperity of the global workforce.


Our primary objective is to establish and maintain exceptional long-term business partnerships in the field of Manpower export handling. We strive to attentively and effectively cater to the comprehensive requirements of our business partners, both domestically and internationally, in key and emerging Manpower markets. Our aim is to offer all our esteemed customers and employees the prospect of collaborating with a forward-thinking, responsive, and dynamic company for mutual growth and advantage. Additionally, we seek to expand the range of available domestic human resources by establishing a flawless Manpower placement firm and venturing into overseas employment to meet the growing demand.


To be a distinctive, leading, International Manpower placement company distinguished by a global network of long-term business relationships.

Chairman, BESI Overseas

Welcome to BESI Overseas, one of the best recruitment agency in the field of manpower recruitment in Bangladesh. The journey of our agency started in 2018 and by the grace of Allah, still we are continuing our journey with all of our valuable clients. Our Office is located in House No.147/C, Green Road, Panthapath, Dhaka. People who are willing to go abroad for living principles and to change their lifestyles are especially welcomed here. In our team, we have some friendly and dedicated persons who are not only high skilled but also very much experienced in the manpower sector of Bangladesh. Marketing, processing and management, all the three sectors of our agency are very much co-ordinated and dedicated to their work. If you are looking for skilled or semi-skilled manpower recruitments or if you have any kind of manpower recruitment related queries, I would like to invite you to our agency as our team is always there to fulfill any kind of manpower recruitments. I can ensure that, you will be satisfied and will get best results from our team as per your demands. We are always there for you for the best possible outputs.

As a reputable organization, we have established ourselves as a trusted entity for processing work permits and sponsoring visas. Our collaborations extend to numerous countries across the globe, enabling us to supply skilled professionals such as engineers, doctors, nurses, as well as individuals with non-skilled backgrounds. Our extensive network allows us to cater to various industries and sectors, ensuring a diverse pool of talents for our clients. With our expertise and experience, we strive to facilitate seamless immigration processes and connect qualified individuals with employment opportunities below mention countries:

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