What is the concept of six sigma?

The Lean Six Sigma training helps in validating professionals who are skilled in identifying risks, errors, or defects in a business process and removing them.
Getting a Six Sigma course & certification usually requires individuals to have a certain level of experience and testify their proficiency. The certification can help you become a specialist in process improvement and will enhance your credibility.

Problem Solving Technique

  • This programme can boost companies profit, rise productivity and quality.
  • This programme can help to do better time management and imsure safety.
  • Best and maximum productivity with less equipment and facilities

Belt is ‘level’

  1.  White belt
  2.  Yellow belt
  3. Green belt
  4.  Black belt

Here are a few reasons why you should get a six sigma certification:

  •  Help Your Organization Reduce Risk and Eliminate Errors and Defects
  • Improve Business Processes and Sustain Quality Improvement
  •  Increase Your Value Across Industries
  •  Ensure Compliance
  • Improve Management Skill

Council For Six Sigma Certification C.S.S.C


A Certified Six Sigma Black Belt is an expert who can describe Six Sigma theories and principles, as well as enabling systems and tools. A Black Belt should show team leadership, comprehend team dynamics, and assign duties and obligations to team members.

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